April 22, 2020

Visitor Registration – Manage Coronavirus (COVID-19) Risks With Visitor Management System

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the way people live their lives. Social distancing will become the new normal for the most part of everyone’s lives. Although non-essential activities have been discouraged, monitoring of the essential will be important. And moving forward into the future, contact tracing will play a crucial part in minimizing widespread lockdowns that almost brings life to a standstill. How can visitor registration help in the time of a pandemic? Keeping accurate records of visitors will help in tracing the source of and spread of infections. Allowing visitors by invitation (email invitation with QRcode available in our SQL Version of Visitor Management System) only can help screen visitors of any issues before a visit is made to the premises. A Visitor Management System software will help in accomplishing these tasks. With the help of a computer system and Visitor Management System software, accurate information about the visitor, their contact details, including the time of visit, duration of visit, temperature and health declaration can be kept for a defined period of time. The blacklisted person list can be maintained for any unwanted entry to the premises. This will go a long way in minimizing the risk of infections. We have updated our Visitor Management System to include a field to record the temperature. The reading can be obtained by using a contact-free handheld thermometer. Monitoring of body temperature may be required some businesses and residential management. Please contact us if you require an […]
December 20, 2019

Visitor Management System SQL Version

Need a Visitor Management System with multiple registration stations for high volume visitors? Based on database server model (PostgreSQL or MSSQL). Built for speed and stability our latest addition to Visitor Management System is the SQL version. Easy networking of multiple stations allows data to be shared of registered visitor. Visitor may check in and out of any stations. Easy for monitoring of visitors. Find out about of Visitor Management System SQL Version. Contact us.
December 8, 2019

Visitor Management System and Privacy

A real concern for visitors who hand over their documents for verification or personal information to be recorded in a Visitor Management System is whether their data will be securely stored. If their data were to get into the wrong hands, the data can be misused. Visitor Management System should have some form of login system where access is only granted to authorized users. The system should at least have two levels of security (admin and normal user) with rights for certain data and functions depending on the login level. The database should have important fields encrypted. This would keep data safe should the computer system be stolen. The database will be useless without passwords to read visitor data. Easy Visitor Management System has a build in login system with data encryption out of the box.
October 10, 2012

VMS – Visitor Management System

Looking for a reliable, easy to install and use Visitor Management System. Check our Visitor Management System ready with MyKad Reader.  VMS – Visitor Management System is a computer based log book of your visitor. VMS is a practical solution for many offices and factories because of the high volume of visitors. With a computerised system, proper records can be maintained. VMS can record the usage of facilities by visitor. The VMS software generally complements other security systems in place. Several desktop-based visitor management software applications are currently available. These applications typically consist of three fundamental components: a) visitor registration, b) visitor badge printing, and c) reporting functionality. Some of the applications are capable of automatically capturing visitor information directly from a visitor’s driver license, passport or other government issued identification document. VMS provided by Geni Software has the capability to read MyKad using low cost MyKad Readers. VMS is being used in many condominiums and factories around Malaysia. Download a free trial version of our VMS to test drive the software. Contact us to Buy Visit Management System.
October 4, 2012

Visitor Management System – MyKad Reader

Easy Visitor Management System 2.0 Easy to install and use Visitor Management System Includes 1 unit Smart Card Reader to read data from MyKad Works with Windows 7 / 8 / 10 32 bit or 64 bit Updated to Version 2.5 (29/03/2017) Download 30 day Trial Software for evaluation. Order MyKad Reader to test software at RM150. If you decide to purchase software, card reader price will be deducted. Download from the link below to try our Easy Visitor Management System Download Easy Visitor Management System  Software login details : Login : admin no password For Administrator Login : user1 no password For Front-desk/guard login The Visitor Management System is designed to enhance security for your premises by tracking visitors. Tracking of visitors is done by registration using a computer system by MyKad Reader, Scanner or manual entry using computer form. Information about the visitor and photo are stored in the system along with the in and out times. Other information about the visit can also be recorded such as the person to meet, location and any problems with the visitor. Visitors can be blacklisted to give warnings by the system. Generate Barcode passes for individuals or cars. Use passes to check out visitors with barcode readers. Issue permanent passes for frequent visitors. Visitor Management System as been designed to be user friendly. A login system is built in to manager user with admin and standard user levels. The login information can be used to track which guard handle visitors. […]
April 9, 2012

New MyKad is very popular

PUTRAJAYA: The enhanced MyKad is so popular that it takes up to three months to get your hands on it. Previously, an applicant only needed to wait a day to get the new MyKad. The National Registration Department (NRD) is receiving an average of 21,000 applications daily since the introduction of the enhanced MyKad in January. Home Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Mahmood Adam said as of March 31, the department had received 1,516,126 applications for the new card. He said the NRD had the capacity to issue about 8,000 cards a day. Read More . . .