Visitor Management System (VMS)
Easy to install and use Visitor Management System
Version 2.9


The Visitor Management System (with MyKad Reader) is designed to enhance security for your premises by tracking visitors. Tracking of visitors is done by registration using a computer system by MyKad Reader, Scanner or manual entry using computer form. Information about the visitor and photo is stored in the system along with them in and out times. Other information about the visit can also be recorded such as the person to meet, location, and any problems with the visitor. Visitors can be blacklisted to give warnings by the system. Generate Barcode passes for individuals or cars. Use passes to check out visitors with barcode readers. Issue permanent passes for frequent visitors. The Visitor Management System has been designed to be user-friendly.

Includes 1 unit Smart Card Reader to read data from MyKad
(Automatically detect MyKad when inserted into reader and register)
Scan Malaysian Driving License, Passport, and Work Permits (A4 Scanner Required)
Encrypted Database with the ability to mask MyKad Number Field and
hide fields for privacy protection.
Keep your visitor data on your premises. No Internet is required.
Works with Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 32 bit or 64 bit
RM 1,800 for Full Software and Smart Card Reader

On-Premise Visitor Management System (VMS) does not require internet for daily operations
No Monthly Payments
Secure Encrypted Data File System
Create separate login and password for each user
Scan passport and driving license with low-cost scanner
Integrate low-cost contactless forehead temperature scanner
Automatic data backup with schedule
Set data retention period to comply with privacy policy

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Screenshots of Visitor Management System


Download a 15 day trial version of
Visitor Management System

Download Trial Version
Email will be required for the trial download.
Instructions on installation is available in the download zip file.

Our Visitor Management System goes the extra mile to help you protect your visitor's data. GeniSoftware Visitor Management System database is encrypted. The data is unreadable to other software. It will not be accessible to those without correct credentials.

Visitor registration during lockdowns

Registration page updated for Visitor Screening with additional fields for visitor health declaration and temperature recording

MyKad Reader Database System
Download Easy Visitor Management System (Trial Version)

Software login details :

Login : admin
no password
For Administrator

Login : user1
no password
For Front-desk/guard login

Easy Visitor Management System VMS

Additional Screenshots

Print Visitor Pass with barcode from Visitor Management System

Powerful form designer built in to design custom forms with logo

VMS with Privacy Protection
Settings to hide and show fields to protect privacy

How to scan in MyKad, Passport and Malaysia Driving License
Use MyKad Reader to capture visitor details into Visitor Management System
Use Flatbed Scanner to capture Malaysia Driving License details into Visitor Management System
Use Flatbed Scanner to capture Passport Details details into Visitor Management System

Our new Easy Visitor Management System compliments security by computerizing the registration process of visitors. By utilizing the MyKad for registration, it makes up for a fast and effective way to register and monitor visitors. Our Easy Visitor Management System VMS is a software developed to ensure proper management of visitors to your premises. This software is applicable for Condominiums, Factories, Offices and other facilities where you will have visitors come and go frequently.
We help you keep track of the visitor using a computer system. Using the MyKad Reader, our system is able to capture data such as name, MyKad number, address and photo into the system. You will be able to enter which facility the visitor will be going to. When the visitor leaves you will be able to check the visitor out. Try our Visitor Management System Trial Software.

System Requirement
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 32 or 64 bits
USB PS/SC Smart Card Reader to read MyKad Data

MyKad Reader Database System
Download Easy Visitor Management System (Trial Version)

Software login details :

Login : admin
no password
For Administrator

Login : user1
no password
For Front-desk/guard login

Features and Specification:

Simple to install and use

Offline System (Standalone VMS - Visitor Management System)

MyKad Reader Provided for quick start to using the system

VMS Encrypted Database to safeguard Visitor Information

Hide sensitive information from front desk users

Recording by MyKad, Scanner and manual entry

Dual language (BM and English)

Passport, Driving License and Work Permit Scanning (optional scanner required)

Capture photo (optional webcam required)

Barcode scanning (optional barcode scanner required)

Register visitor category, facility information and purpose of visit

Generate barcode passes for visitors and vehicles

Issue permanent passes for frequent visitor like maids, maintenance people

Print reports by dates, category and visitor still in premises

Simple front desk operations with problem reports and black list alert

User manager with admin and standard user levels

Backup and restore functions for database

Repair and compacting of database

Form designer allows the adding of logo and other details to visitor pass or slips

Print Visitor Badge Sticker using sticker printer

System Requirement:

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 32 or 64 bits

4 GB RAM (Recommended for scanning documents - Driving License, Passport and Work Permits)

500GB HD

HD Monitor (1366x768 Min Resolution)

USB Slot

Optional Software Assurance with Online Support  (RM300/yr)

MyKad Reader (Included with Purchase of Software)

Flatbed Scanner (Optional - Not Supplied By GeniSoftware)

USB Barcode Reader (Optional - Not Supplied By GeniSoftware)

USB Web Cam (Optional - Not Supplied By GeniSoftware)

Printer (Optional - Not Supplied By GeniSoftware)

Download Visitor Management System Brochure

Visitor Management System Documentation

Phone : 017-673 9743 - Malaysia
or WhatsApp

Visitor Management System SQL Edition

Looking for a Visitor Management System for your factory or industrial use? Find out about our Visitor Management System with SQL Server Support. Using either Postgresql or MSSQL, Visitor Management System SQL is built to manage high volume visitors. Additional functions like visitor invitation by email, monitoring of safety induction or permits and many more will save time and money for the implementer. Find out more Visitor Management System SQL Edition. Contact us for price or more information.