Geni Software is a Malaysia-based, private company, that has been in operation since 2010. Our core business is software development. We have off the shelf software products such as Hotel Management System, Registration System and MyKad Reader Software.

Our flagship product is the Visitor Management System. Our stand-alone and networked versions, which are easy to implement and use, cater to all varieties of businesses. We have successfully implemented our Visitor Management System in Malaysia, Singapore, and Qatar.

Geni Software is investing in facial recognition systems, biometrics, computer vision, mobile applications, and cloud systems. This research and development are done to bring high-end features to everyone. We aim to grow our products with the support of our customers. Our products have been developed using feedback from the users of our software.

We work with system integrators, resellers and use online shops to distribute our products, thus keeping the cost of our products effective. We have developed customized applications for MyKad reading, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on various formats of ID cards for our clients both locally and internationally. Systems have been built to create templates for unique ID cards and detect face photos. We are committed to our customers in providing quick online support wherever they are. Training is provided for system integrators in the installation of software and support for end-users. Priority is given to solving issues faced by our customers.

Sales of Geni Software's customized products are steadily increasing and in use in various industries locally in Malaysia and internationally in Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia. Driven by our vision to provide easy solutions for businesses at affordable prices, we strive to keep our overheads low so that we can pass on the savings to our customers. Thus setting the platform for Geni Software to extend its reach to a larger international audience. Honesty, integrity and business ethics are integral in all aspects of business transactions and operations at Geni Software.

We hope that you too will become one of our valued customers whom we can serve very soon. Thank you.