December 2019
December 20, 2019

Visitor Management System SQL Version

Need a Visitor Management System with multiple registration stations for high volume visitors? Based on database server model (PostgreSQL or MSSQL). Built for speed and stability our latest addition to Visitor Management System is the SQL version. Easy networking of multiple stations allows data to be shared of registered visitor. Visitor may check in and out of any stations. Easy for monitoring of visitors. Find out about of Visitor Management System SQL Version. Contact us.
December 8, 2019

Visitor Management System and Privacy

A real concern for visitors who hand over their documents for verification or personal information to be recorded in a Visitor Management System is whether their data will be securely stored. If their data were to get into the wrong hands, the data can be misused. Visitor Management System should have some form of login system where access is only granted to authorized users. The system should at least have two levels of security (admin and normal user) with rights for certain data and functions depending on the login level. The database should have important fields encrypted. This would keep data safe should the computer system be stolen. The database will be useless without passwords to read visitor data. Easy Visitor Management System has a build in login system with data encryption out of the box.