Visitor Management System SQL Edition

Easy Visitor Management System is, as the name denotes, an easy and proficient software which provides a clear and efficient,
user interface to register and save basic visitor information for your company. This documentation is designed to enable you to quickly learn how to navigate
your way through the Easy Visitor Management System as a new user or enhance your knowledge as a regular user.

Easy Visitor Management System is a hassle free computerization of visitor arrival and departure. The basic applications of this software is to
register visitors, print badges and compile reports. This software is perfect for use in Condominiums, Hostels, Offices, Schools and Factories.
Our software will complement and can be easily integrated with the Security System you already have in place to protect your premises and or its occupants.

Features :

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Separate screens for front desk and administration user
  • Read MyKad Using Smart Card Reader
  • Recording by MyKad, Scanner and manual entry
  • Register visitor category, facility information and purpose of visit
  • Check in individuals or groups
  • Passport  and driving license scanning solution (scanner required)
  • Capture photo (webcam required)
  • Barcode scanning (barcode scanner required)
  • Generate barcode passes for visitors and vehicles (Barcode scanner required)
  • Powerful Form Designer to design Visitor Pass with custom logo and format
  • Issue permanent passes for frequent visitor like maids / maintenance people
  • Black list alert
  • History of visits
  • Report to Excel and PDF
  • Filter reports by dates, category and visitor still in premises
  • User manager with admin and standard user levels
  • Backup and restore functions for database
  • Auto purging of old data
  • Masking of Visitor ID Number (Stored has HASH in database for privacy protection)
  • Add additional Registration or Administration Stations to share common database
  • Dual Language (English and Bahasa Malaysia)
  • Based on Database Server (PostgreSQL or MSSQL)

Administrator Section

Front Desk Section

Registration Form

MyKad Reader device for read chip data from ID Card

Network Model

Multiple station can be linked to a central database to share data. Additional stations can be added to become

registration or monitoring / admin stations.

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