Gajendra Ratnam
December 7, 2011

New hi-tech MyKad available from January 2012

KUALA LUMPUR: The new hi-tech MyKad with better features is expected to be issued from January, the National Registration Department said. NRD public relations officer Jainisah Mohd Noor said those with faulty or old MyKad could replace them from next month. She said a RM10 service charge would be imposed for each new card. She said the new MyKad, made of durable polycarbonate, would include a new smart chip equipped with the fingerprint of the card owner. Read More … This is good news for software application developers. Now the reliability of the MyKad will be better. The card can be utilised more fully for registration purposes.
July 18, 2011

It’s a must to carry the original MyKad

THE National Registration Department (NRD) appreciates the views expressed in “Poser over MyKad photocopy” (The Star, June 28). For readers’ information, it is compulsory for a person to carry his/her MyKad at all times under Regulation 6 of The National Registration Act 1959 (Act 78) and Regulations. A MyKad copy cannot be regarded as a substitute for the original MyKad. Regulation 6 states that the person to whom an identity card has been issued shall, thereafter and for so long as he remains a registered or re-registered person under these Regulations, at all times carry on his person the identity card and, subject to the provisions of these Regulations, be responsible for the custody thereof. Any person who fails to comply with Regulation 6, if found guilty of the offence, shall be liable on conviction to a jail term not exceeding three years or to a minimum fine of RM3,000 and a maximum fine of RM20,000 or both as per Regulation 25 (i)(n) of the same Act. JAINISAH MOHD NOOR, Public Relations Officer, National Registration Department. Source of material
July 17, 2011

MyKad required at pharmacies

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Pharmaceutical Society (SPS) urges the public to bring their MyKad or equivalent identification documents (passport, army and police card) when purchasing controlled medicines in pharmacies throughout Sabah. Pharmacists now are required by law to record additional details obtained from MyKad for purchase of special category of controlled medicines on top of the usual name and address. SPS president Samsudin B Ahmad said in a statement that effective Jan 1, pseudoephedrine-containing medicines falls under this category. Most medications for the treatment of cold and flu symptoms contain pseudoephedrine. Prior to that, codeine and dextromethorphan also require patients to produce their MyKad. “Normally, only details such as name and address of patients are required to be recorded into the prescription book. However, some categories of medicines need the MyKad number. Across the board, it’s just easier to produce MyKad for all the required details,” he said. Read more . . .
July 6, 2011

Corporate Video – MyKad Malaysia

MyKad Information from JPN. Corporate Video from YouTube.
June 8, 2011

Upgrade for MyKad

PETALING JAYA: The MyKad will be more durable and of better quality after a scheduled upgrade in July, said the Home Ministry.“We are taking the matter very seriously and will ensure that the chip’s quality is improved,” Deputy Minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop said in an interview. – Read More
May 30, 2011

MyKad error

Is you MyKad chip readable?  "Of the 2,158,621 applications for MyKad replacements received last year, 1,018,698 were due to faulty chip." The MyKad is used in situations that require identification and authentication of the card holder’s personal details such as the fingerprints. Read More . . .
October 25, 2010

Conduct Survey Using Computer and MyKad Reader

Our current project is a ‘Easy Survey System’ software that combines the power of database and quick registration of participants using their MyKad Smart Card. Easily create your own surveys with as many questions as you like using dropdown list and text boxes. Use tablet PC with MyKad Readers to capture data from people then fill in the questionnaire. The data can be stored in a central area for analysis or to be exported to Microsoft Excel File. Please contact us if you are interested.
March 20, 2010

Be smart about MyKad

THESE days, visitors to Menara Star in Petaling Jaya don’t have to scribble their particulars in a logbook. Nor are they required to leave some form of identification at the security desk. All they need to do is go up to a terminal, insert their MyKad and the relevant information is recorded. This is not that much of a novelty because MyKad-based visitor registration systems have been around for a few years now. Nevertheless, it must still be odd for many of us to use our MyKad for anything other than identity verification in our dealings with government departments and financial institutions. But in fact, MyKad was conceived as something more than a high-tech replacement for the laminated identity cards we used to carry around. Read More
February 28, 2010

Cash rewards shopping with MyKad

KUALA LUMPUR: Shoppers now have more reason to bring their MyKad during shopping trips. It can earn them cash rewards with every purchase. MyKad is now a primary tool for a new loyalty and rewards programme called Sahabat 1Malaysia organised by the Information, Communications, Culture and Arts Ministry and Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM). Shoppers will be rewarded with cash that will be credited into their MyKad via a virtual bank when they purchase items from any of the 500 merchants in the programme. – Star News Paper Read More
February 24, 2010

Using MyKad as Membership Card

In line with the Government of Malaysia’s call for multi-functional usage of MyKad, the Melaka State Library is using MyKad as a membership card. If you wish to borrow books from the library, you will have to present your MyKad which will be read into the system for verification. This is a good way to implement technology that is currently available to the public. Every citizen of Malaysia has to carry an Indentification Card (MyKad). The MyKad being a chip based Smart Card is the perfect card for multi-function application in the Information Technology world. The MyKad has the holders full name, the address, colour photo and date of birth. These are the basic information on needs to provide to register for services. Using the card save time when needing to register. The card is inserted into the reading device and a computer system reads the information in less that 15 sec. The MyKad is perfect for Clinic Registration, Libraries, Clubs, Hotel Check in and many more applications. See here for more on MyKad Readers.
February 2, 2010

MyKad Based Software Applications

“MyKad, or Government Multipurpose Card, (GMPC) is the official compulsory identity card of Malaysia. It is regarded as the world’s first smart identity card. Part of the Multimedia Super Corridor flagship applications, it was officially launched on September 5, 2001 and incorporates a microchip, which contains several items of data including biometrics. As of 2006, MyKad has eight current and several planned applications which are mostly related to proof of identity or electronic money.” – Source Wikipedia. Malaysian software developers can make great use of the MyKad when writing software for the local Malaysian Market. Every time we visit the Clinic, Insurance Firms or just visit friends at Condo’s, we are asked to produce the MyKad. The details are taken down, usually written into a log book. Now with computer system’s becoming ever more cheaper, it is not costly or difficult to implement a system to capture data from the MyKad in to a computer system. This saves time and also helps to make sure you are dealing with the actual owner of the MyKad. You will also have the history of people who visit your place. If you run a kindergarten or tuition centre, it will be easy to register parents and students. Check out the Easy MyKad Reader Lite Software on this site. Soon I will be bring out more software based on this capture software. Read about the MyKad write up in The Star News Paper.