Looking for software to simplify your work? Welcome to GeniSoftware. We are based in Melaka, Malaysia. This site features software developed by us. The software are low cost easy solutions for small business operations. You can download trial versions of our software and test them before you buy. We are developing software with MyKad integration. Our low cost MyKad Reader is helpful to verify MyKad details and also register customer into a database system.

Easy Visitor Management System 3.0
PRICE : RM 1,800

Please contact us for information on how to proceed with the purchase.

Key Features :
Easy to install and use
On-Premise Solution
Encrypted Database
Login Management
Auto-Backup Of Data
Set data retention period (Auto Clean Data)
MyKad Reader
Scan Passport and Driving License
Overstay Visitor Alert
Issue Frequent Visitor Pass With Expiry Date and Time

Our Easy Visitor Management System VMS is designed to computerise your visitor registration process. Quick and simple registration process using MyKad Reader or manual entry. Know who is still on the premise and who visited your property. Blacklist those whom you do not wish to enter the premises. Have a history of those who visit. Easy to install and use.

Suitable for Security Applications in Condominiums, Factories, and Offices
Username & Password control for Administrator and Frontdesk
Limit what information can be viewed at Front-desk
Register using MyKad Reader
Blacklist unwanted visitors
Visitor History
A quick check to see who is still on the premises
Easy installation, no complicated database installations
Easy to learn

More Information & Screenshots

Visitor Management System Documentation

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Easy MyKad Reader and MyKid Reader

PRICE : RM 230
includes Smart Card Reader

(RM 130 for Software Only)

Please provide your Telephone number for courier agent. Allow 1 or 2 business day for delivery of card reader and 24 hrs for software license.
(West and East Malaysia Only)

Easy MyKad Reader Lite 3.0

Our easy to use MyKad Reader and MyKid Reader Kit (for Malaysia) can be purchased online. The MyKad Reader kit (for Malaysia) comes complete with USB Smart Card Reader and Software to read MyKad Data into a computer system. The reader device is included with the kit and can be installed on any computer with USB ports. MyKad Reader free software demo is available for download for those who may already own a smart card reader. Our MyKad Reader Kit is useful for office use to capture details from the MyKad Chip. Once captured, our software will allow you to save the data as a PDF file. Our PDF file includes barcoding to allow for easy scanning into other software using a barcode scanner. The MyKad Reader price is RM200. If you have a credit or debit card, you may order directly from our site.

More Information For MyKad Reader

Easy Hotel Management System 2.0
PRICE: RM 2,600

Built for small Budget Hotels, our system allows for easy registration of guests using MyKad. Define room rates according to the type of room, season, weekdays, or weekends. Print professional-looking bills. Works with our USB MyKad Readers. Our software is designed for small Hotels and is mainly used to register guests using their MyKad. The information from MyKad can be captured into our software for quick registration using a MyKad Reader. The reader will transfer data from the MyKad Chip into the relevant field in the Hotel Management Software. The software will also capture the photo using the MyKad Reader stored on the MyKad.

We provide a MyKad Reader with our software. We have provisions to register rooms, room types, season prices, daily rates, hourly rates, etc. The software provides an easy way to generate bills. You can use your own logo for bills. Room rates are stored in the system to minimize errors when serving the guest. There is also provision for extra items like an extra pillow, bed, and newspaper. The demo is now available.

New features :

Passport reader using a low-cost scanner – can scan machine-readable passports (OCR) with auto face detection to crop photos.
MyKad Reader for easy registration of guests. The reader is programmed to detect a face on a passport. This photo is captured by the reader software and cropped to the right proportion and stored in the Hotel Database. The reader can recognise the machine-readable character at the bottom of the passport page and will attempt to convert them to letters and numbers to be stored in the Hotel Database. The reader enables quick registration of guests.
Informative and active room planner – alerts on late checkout, overdue bookings, etc.

MyKad Reader Hotel Management System

Contact us if you are interested in our Budget Hotel Management Software

This software is under development. You are welcome to test the software to see if it is suitable for your business.

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MyKad2Apps – Easy MyKad Reader Integration – No Programming Required
PRICE : RM 300 (Software and Smart Card Reader)

Introducing MyKad2Apps. This product is designed to make integration of MyKad Reading for your own Windows Application an effortless task. There is no programming involved to integrate to your own Windows Applications. MyKad2Apps works in the background waiting for MyKad to be inserted into the smart card reader. Once detected the software will read the data from the MyKad and will type in the data into your own software. Suitable for Windows Applications and Web Applications running on Windows PC.

Easy MyKad Reader Integration - No Programming

Works with PC/SC compliant Smart Card Reader

Built for Windows Operating System (7/8/10) Both 32 and 64 bit

Automatically detects card insertion and removal, works in the background monitoring card insertion to automatically read and send data

Output selected information from MyKad to application in keyboard emulation mode

Send keys such as TAB, RETURN, ARROW DOWN

Easy to setup to work with your own software

No programming required to read MyKad

Save photo in any predefined folder or PASTE photo into picture field

Test Mode built in to send dummy data to your application to try software without Smart Card Reader
Read Documentation for MyKad2Apps

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