Rental Calculations

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How does the system work out rental?


If the hourly charges exceed the night rent, the night rent will be given to the guest.

If a guest makes a confirmed reservation and checks in later than their arrival time for example the reservation is at 2:00pm and they arrive at 6:00pm,
the system will calculate check in from the original time of 2:00pm. If need to change, cancel the booking and refund the amount and create new.

If it is an unconfirmed reservation (guest has not paid a deposit) the calculation will begin from the time of check in.

If guest checks out early, the usage will be calculated up to the point of check out and balance will be shown.
This also applies for late check out, the balance will be calculated at the point of check out.

Example of nightly stay price:

Standard room is $40 - low season - weekday
Standard room is $60 - low season - weekend

Standard room is $50 - peek season - weekday
Standard room is $70 - peek season - weekend

Above has been set in the system

Guest will stay for 5 nights, assume today is 17th and is a Thurday

17th Thurday - Low Season - Weekday


18th Friday - Low Season - Weekend


19th Saturday- Peek Season - Weekend


20th Sunday - Peek Season - Weekend


21st Monday - Peak Season - Weekday


TOTAL                $290 before tax

Example of hourly stay

Guest wants to rent a Standard Room for 3 hours on a weekday 17th Thrusday

17th Thursday is Low Season day

The minimum rental is 3 hrs and the price is $30

Any additional hr will be charged at the hr rate for the season for weekday or weekend.







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