Visitors can be registered in advance to visit the premises. Details of the visitor, date of visit as well as other information like vehicle number, person to meet,
location for and purpose of visit can be recorded in advance to save time for the actual day of visit. If the visitor has an email address on record,
an email can be generated and sent to the visitor. A unique QRCode will be generated and sent as an attachment with the email. The visitor can bring this QRCode
on the day of the visit to be scanned by Webcam connected to the Visitor Management System. The system call up all the necessary information to register the visitor.
The email template and QRCode form are  customisable.

  1. Click on Invite Visitor tab
  2. Click 'Pre-register Visit'

  1. Enter visitor information and select visit date, click Register Visitor

Depending on the settings and provided the visitor has an email address, a Visit Ticket will be generated and

send to the invited visitor. The QRCode on the Visit Ticket can be used to register the visitor upon arrival.

Sample email

Sample Visit Ticket