Installing Smart Card Reader (MyKad)

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Step 1. Setting up the device driver for the Smart Card Reader hardware

The supplied reader is the EZ100PU. You will have to install the correct software driver for your

operating system. The system requires one of these operation systems :

Windows 2000 Professional

Windows XP Home or Professional

Windows Vista 32 bit Editions

Windows 7 32 or 64 bit Editions (latest updated versions do not require driver installation)

Windows 8 Pro (does not require driver installation)

You may plug in the the smart card reader and see if your system will auto install the drivers. If this does not

happen, unplug the card reader and proceed with the next steps.

Determine the operating system installed in your laptop or desktop (Control Panel, System Icon), insert the

provided software CD into the CD drive. Under the folder named ‘Card Reader Drivers’, navigate to the folder

with the driver for your Operating System. You will find an application called ‘setup’ which will install

the drivers and required software for the Smart Card Reader. Double click on this application to

launch it and follow the instructions on the screen. Wait for the driver installation until you see the

screen below :

At this point click the ‘Apply’ button. This will enable the ‘SmartCard Service’ on you Windows


The computer will take a few minutes to setup the hardware and configure the driver for the device.

Once there is a confirmation that the driver setup was successful you are ready to proceed to the

next step.

Please insert the USB connector of the EZ100PU Smart Card Reader into the USB socket of your

laptop or desktop computer.

Your computer will now detect the new Smart Card Reader and install it for use.

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